Trading Emini on a B berry or treo

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by ksonsinc, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Hi there
    i was just wondering is it possible to trade the ES and YM using your black berry or pda like TREO
    Is it possible
    please let me know you experience wit also
    Thank you
  2. Joe


    You might want to ask MarketSurfer, I think he has a TREO. I have one (Treo650) but I wouldn't use it to trade.
  3. Hey market sufer
    thank you for you promote answer
    who is your broker and what kind of software do u use for trading if u dont mind and how is it going
    Thank you
    I am planing to swing trade only
    I have account with Gfuture:D

  4. i have used hillcast ( no longer exist ) and qoutrek by esignal for charts and qoutes. qoutrek is a great service.

    with the snapdialer and laptop set up you can use any broker/platform--i have even scalped eminis with xtrader from the beach.

  5. Hello market surfer
    Let say if i want to just make a trade and i dont have a laptop is it possible
    Or do i have to have a laptop to trade from the b berry or treo
  6. dchang0


    I owned a Treo 600 and traded with IB's web-based TWS and's free, delayed emini charts.

    It was far inferior to my usual setup, so I used it only as a backup. Even if IB were to offer a full-featured Java client for the Treo, it would be too hard to execute the fast trades on such a tiny screen. The data speed would be fine, since the Treo features GPRS.

    In the end, I sold my Treo, bought a Sierra Wireless Aircard 750 (GPRS) mobile data card, and trade to this day using a small tablet PC and my T-Mobile connection. Even though GPRS speeds are like those of a 56K modem, they are sufficient for emini real-time data (provided you aren't downloading large files at the same time). I can and do trade from coffee shops, in my office, at home, and in the car.