Trading Emini NQ with IB

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by PKJR, Jun 21, 2001.

  1. PKJR


    I am considering to open accoutn with IB to trade NQ's.
    My question is how are the fills? How long you usually wait for confirmation (IB)?

    Any pros and cons?


  2. dozu888


    a couple of months back I did some system trading of NQ with IB, stopped after making no profit. The execution is exellent, stop orders are filled instantly and almost always with no slippage.

    I have to say the emini's are the best daytrading vehicle in terms of liquidity, volatility and execution.. I just need to find a good system to trade it.
  3. PKJR


    do you happen to remeber the margin requirerments?

  4. tntneo

    tntneo Moderator

    I believe it is :
    US$ 6,750 inital
    US$ 5,400 maintenance
    margins for emini Nasdaq

  5. def

    def Sponsor

    The margins are the exchange minimums. I didn't check the above figures but they seem about right. For the upto the date figures, you'll need to check the Merc ( web site.
  6. JayS



    My broker gives 1/5-th day trading margin on futures, does IB? do they ever plan to?

    Example: emini Nasdaq margins

    $6,750 for overnight

    $1,350 for day trading

    Not that I really need it, its easy to have to much leverage with regular overnight SPAN.


  7. What broker?


  8. def

    def Sponsor

    Not in the cards. IB requires money upfront. I don't think the firm would want to take on the added risk.
  9. JayS


    I use Alaron, you have to get it set up with one of there brokers. Almost all futures brokers offer "day trading" or "intraday" margin (just find the one who fits your needs). I call my orders in since most of what I trade is in the pits, not sure if they allow it for online trading. I'd find it odd if you couldn't find one who allows it for online trading, Alaron might- I haven't a clue.

  10. JayS


    Thanks Def!


    I was looking back in my archieved email and found this from some questions I had for my broker about trading with them online.

    "Our computers flag accounts with not enough money to meet the day trading margin requirement. If the account has enough margin money there is a no delay in order routing to Globex2, however if the account does not have enough margin it must be approved by our margin desk."

    I thought you may have to call in orders to get day trading margin, looks like you might not (actually suprises me). I'd call to talk to there online trading support whichever firm your with or before you choose one (if thats what your interested in).

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