Trading ego or Trading genius???

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  1. What do you say to someone who only post their trades after the fact?

    read this on another site:

    (original post) Posted by Anonymous on 6/6/2003

    FWIW, I shorted the market heavily today after I sold my longs yesterday. I hope no one missed the train today going south..


    (Response) Posted by Kman on 6/6/2003

    Congrats...if you indeed did short, why not make mention AS YOU DO SO? Some would wonder, "Yea...after the market went DOWN today, so and so said they shorted in the am".

    Keep us posted just prior to your will keep you honest! :) lol

    Posted by Anonymous on 6/6/2003

    Thanks. Regarding your question on doing that as I do so..I have done that enough through the years records prove it, I pass the stage where I have to "prove" it to another one and I really don't care if you beleive me or not..nowadays I do it when I want to and in the way I want so not many understand what I said except for the seekers..:) I have no subscribers to worry and no interest in sharing things except what I want when I want to. I am a free bird.


    P.S. I have an idea crossed my mind as I was finishing writting this reply..If you are really interested in knowing the truth and you are confident I am a fake why don't we bet let say $1000 donation to this site for who is the "honest"? I will send my trading record fot today to any third party(let say the owner of this site if you want), if I was "honest" you pay $1000 donation to this site and if I am fake I pay $1000. Are you ready to stand to your words?...
  2. tt1452


    Hey this guy sound like a million other "wannabes"

    The great market timer who is not satisfied with the buckets of money he must be making with his insight. Now he has to go out and tell the world......

    Just one shared trade before the fact would be a kind deed to your fellow traders.

    BTW what site did that jerk post on?
  3. TGregg


    I don't understand what difference it makes. :confused:

    As I see it, there are basically three categories:

    1. He's a good to awesome trader.

    2. He's a break-even kinda guy, and only posts his wining trades.

    3. He's a complete loser, and tries to make up for it by posting awesome trades.

    As for #1, more power to him. It's good that some folks can succeed at this. #2 means he already kinda knows he's a fraud and that's "punishment" enough I suspect. #3 knows he's a total fraud. Think of how humiliating that would be, to post great trades that you know you are not capable of.

    It's not like he's selling his calls or his methods. Perhaps the trading community is better served by having some heroes about. . .