Trading educators who are profitable and can prove it?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by B.Willis, Aug 28, 2005.

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    What was the date of his trading record?
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  2. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    After reading his posts for several years that does not surprise me one bit.
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  3. vendors that can make money trading are almost non-existent.

    those that do make money, don't make impressive amounts.

    they found their fame in the TRADING EDUCATION world. however in the TRADING world, nobody even knows their name. this is true for 99.99% of vendors out there.

    NONE of them will show you their physical track record, printed by their broker. they will find all kind of excuses, or all kind of substitutes as "proof" of their profitability.

    if you happen to find a successful trader in your vicinity, you can ask him to teach you. his teaching may or may not be useful. but at least you will know that he's for real.
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  4. I know (not personally) two fellas: Alan Rich and Richard joydston who frequently post on trade2win and offer their tuition courses.

    They are highly regarded by the trading community and after reading many of their posts I realised they may be really talking the talk and walking the walk: they teach
    how to read L2 and tape and how to ride volatile naz stocks.

    I am very skeptical of mentors in general but so far these two guys have impressed me with daring and original trading ideas that are largely rejected by the masses but that I always embraced myself.

    They also publish details of many transactions they make in real time, including account balances.

    Of course I may be wrong and it turns out to be a very well orchestrated spam or a waste of money.

    You can check them out in the trade2win website.

    Mind you they live in London.
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    in case it hasnt been mentioned, seem to be able to do this trading spreads. one of their traders andy jordan has doubled his account within a year. he runs a journal here for you to check out - andys spread trading journal.

    he also used to do andys day trading journal which was doing ok for a while also using tradingeducators methods.

    tradingeducators is run by joe ross who posts here now and then.

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  6. Dont fall for it, they never show their account
    balances, they are charlatans like the rest, they target newbies who are easily impressed
    and write good reviews for them.
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  7. mark fisher ....

    claims to have some success ...

    I would love it if one of the bright brothers

    could show us here on ET an audited monthly statement / diary of their best and worst month

    with some highlights included

    or if david nasser or some other "trader" who "teaches"

    would be willing to do the same

    hey ...lets have some organization or brokerage firm have an audited trading contest with a section open only to

    trading vendors, teachers , prop shop owners, book authors, etc

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  8. I suggest that you read the following book:

    That might change your mind about Larry. I never bought into Williams' BS, and the book crystallized my view.

    As one amazon reviewer so adroitly phrased it in his review of the above noted book, "He also shines some sunlight on the seemingly ubiquitous Larry Williams, painting him as a clear and complete fraud. While not touching the subject of Williams' legitimacy, I have always wondered who would believe in the trading abilities of a guy who sends out mass mailings once a month telling people how they can make ten grand a month in 30 minutes a day. In otherwords, I see Williams as dangerous only to the people mentally slow enough to believe his 'share the wealth' claims, and thus not really worthy of book treatment."

    Nuff said.
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  9. No need to worry: I've got no money to waste and no intention whatsoever to attend one of their seminars, but I'd like to know what you discovered that convinced you they are a fake.
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  10. I believe that if people take the time to think it through, they will eventually realize that "trading educators" are people who either have never traded successfully or are no longer able to trade in a manner consistent with their income objectives (notwithstanding the "need to give something back," but for a price). I think that there are very few people who would spend years searching for the location of a gold mine and then, upon finding it, distribute maps on a mass scale on exactly how to find it...unless, of course, that particular mine is at or near depletion.

    Account statements? I have little doubt that, if the ones they provide are not to your satisfaction, then they will produce ones to your specifications. Right, Mr. Williams?

    People looking for shortcuts in the market usually end up with a haircut instead.
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