Trading educators who are profitable and can prove it?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by B.Willis, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. and this is not the first time he has been called out for his deviant behavior.

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  2. Is he also known as the Canadian Cashout?

    Hey double C its not you eh?
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  3. As the saying goes........"those who can, do; those who can't, teach".

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  4. You know folks Samson is not allowed to respond to me cause' Woodie will ban him :)
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  5. Of course there is. It would be more than HUGE.
    But, ..., which truly profitable trader would:
    (1) make his tricks less valuable by giving them away to the gullible lazy crowd;
    (2) foresake profits by wasting his time in less rewarding occupations?

    'Education' can indeed be highly profitable for unprofitable market bumblers duping the naive believers.

    These aspects have been exhaustively discussed in prior threads.
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  6. ha

    you must be such a big fan lectric! lol not to mention s doesnt want to jeopradize his flow of newbys

    btw- they pulled the entire bryce thread down. go figure. all that wisdom and the empty promise to vacate - poof!
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  7. B.Willis


    Almost no discussion in this thread.
    I see two reasons:
    1.) Everyone knows that trading educators are nothing more than a joke. :D
    2.) Everyone buys books, attends seminars, pays trading mentors and "wants to believe" (that trading educators are sucessfull traders).

    Can someone lead me to other threads covering this topic?
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  8. The best mentor I have ever had is George Sorors. I have never meet him but his book "The alchemy of finance" is fantastic. And he has certainly made money over the years. The only other example of someone who has made money and I have read there books in "Crazy" Jim Craemer. "Confession of a street addict" is a good read and will help your trading a little bit.(My Grandmother saw the title of the book and then looked at me with a scolding look)
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  9. You seem to have grasped the main thing.
    Why waste your time with other threads rehashing the same?
    Do something different from (1) or (2). It may help you to possibly make a bit of money.
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  10. Larry Williams is genuine - I think I've seen his trading record somewhere.
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