Trading educators who are profitable and can prove it?

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    There´s a huge market for trading education, books, seminars, mentors etc.

    I want to start a thread to discuss about trading educators who are profitable traders and can prove it.
  2. I thought I wanted to be a trading educator and discovered I was a lousy communicator and teacher.

    I make between 30-50% per year when I trade.

    I take frequent breaks that extend for several months at times.

    I have never mentored anybody longterm and have not finished my book yet. I do not have a masters degree. The extent of my work is here on ET with my many posts.

    I once had a Japanese mentor, who taught me discipline. I will never forget him. It was a window in my life.

    As far as the famous mentors and published ones, I find them pricey. I do not think you can buy the ability to trade, as much as you can buy a championship bodybuilders body from a personal trainer. The passion must come from within.

    Michael B.
  3. Don't take this the wrong way, but, surely you can't be serious! :D

    What, on ET?!?! :confused:
    Especially with all the snake oilers offering "Once only life changing events/seminars for a measly $2995"...

    Every time proof of profits has been brought up, the whole thing has quickly degenerated into a war between the skeptics and the shills (the shills patting themselves on the back whilst engaged in a circle-toss amongst themselves...)

    Best of luck.
  4. i have watched "Billy" {the educator} in the hotcomm room for IOAMT { } do very well for himself with his taught methods for trading the es on a daily basis. when someone teaching a method {market profile/auction market theory} is willing to have their trademaven DOM up for everyone to see, that is the proper way to handle a good education chatroom in my opinion. this way the method of trading and the money management can be seen first hand that is used by the educator --- what else can you ask for.
  5. Excellent Commentary I have traded since 1978...

    Vendors selling time...coaching time.....etc....

    These businesses have nothing to do with trading successfully for one self...nothing... will never see the most common item known to any real trader...MONTHLY STATEMENTS....

    You will never see current managed funds documentation....

    These businesses are the same as :

    Losing fat.....getting rich...etc. etc...

    And are in the category of ëntertainment only¨.....

    They have nothing to do with proven trading ability...
  6. I place more trust in a drug dealer than in those shady figures who certainly are trying to line their pokets to cover mounting losses.
  7. Hi Macro...

    I was under the impression, and of course it could be inaccurate, that he was only sim trading...

    now the lessons and the education is interesting but i thought it was only sim - is he actually trading money in real time with posted statements...

    just color me not sure...




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  8. Hi guys:

    I want to mention a couple of things. First Pete Stiedlmeyer has a new article out in the September issue of Active Trader Mag. In it he mentions that in his opinion many of the concepts underlying Market Profile are no longer workable. He believes that the way the markets deal with imbalances has changed. Its an interesting article that is worth reading.

    On a sad note, I have received some PM's from folks who have been approached by an ET member trying to sell trading systems.The problem is the information he is trying to sell is in the public domain (available from several sites, or even free from the exchanges) The asking price is $6,000. The member handle is Samson77. Based on the PM's I have received, Samson is approaching newbies and not-so-newbies and befriending them, then offering to share some of the infro free. After he has "shared" some of the information, he tells them that the rest is simply too valuable to share for free, BUT for a price ($6,000) he will hook them up with the rest of the "lessons". Please don't be one of the folks that falls for that scam.

    Good luck in the markets on Monday
  9. Naughty boy, Brother Samson77... :D
  10. Samson...a way! I do not believe it...Come on you guys!
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