Trading educator gets arrested in front of students

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    This is a pretty funny review:

    A rude awakening

    "On July 2, the FBI gave Harris a wonderful welcome to his favorite holiday week: the 4th of July.

    Sometime in the morning hours of July 2, the FBI kicked in the door of Harris and shackled him like a stuffed pig at a Hawaiian wedding.

    But Harris didn’t want to go quietly. He was busy moderating his live trading room when the trading room participants began to hear screaming and yelling in the background. Apparently, as they sat through the live screen share, they witnessed Bruce being handcuffed. A true ‘what-the-fuck’ moment in the online trading world."


    "Look at this guy. Is this the most pathetically disarming image that you have ever witnessed? He looks like the volunteer at the local library. Who wouldn’t trust this guy? Is this the image of a con artist?
    Look, as a former professional con artist myself…I should not be so easily fooled. But this is exactly what happened. Bruce played me like a pedophile priest plays an innocent choir boy.
    In fact, when I discovered that Bruce had been arrested by the FBI, I immediately felt violated and dirty. The dude flat finger-banged me and I didn’t find out till long after the drugs wore off."
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    Bernie Madoff made wild claims then of his trading prowess and how much monies he made! That is how he suckered his victims. He was glib tongued and was a good salesman! If someone was very slick and made outrageous claims, you have to be skeptical. "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't."
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    Hmm, only $30 per month for his stuff? A bargain!
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    OMG LOLOL...I just briefed through a bit more of his website, and came across this...

    Cost vs Value
    TradeRoom subscriptions cost $200/mo. You can click the subscribe link below. Make sure to choose the Premium subscription.

    My mission is to show you what works. You will see this as I call trades and explain how to trade. Remember the real cost of a trade room that teaches a false method is the money and time you lose following a system that does not work. In the end, the only money made, is your money that ends up in their pockets. "

    Zing! Back at ya'!
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    The very first place I traded at got raided one day. It was funny because they let us close out all our positions before they seized our computers to copy the HD's. One of the partners had evidently pissed some guy off and he filed a complaint with the state. Nothing came of it, but it was pretty wild having a bunch of cops and detectives swarm the place. A couple were asking what we did, and how we did it. Really didn't know what "daytrading" was.
  6. Another day, another scammer gets caught.
  7. Funny how people always fall for these scams. If someone can successfully trade the way he claimed he could, guess what, he would not need your money.
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    If someone could get the video of this or even the audio it would become very useful here on ET :D
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    He will get eaten alive in prison.
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