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  1. I am currently looking for a trading course. I went to the OTA info class. I know some of the course covers basic material. I read the posts on this site. I do like the fact that you can take the course as often as you like. That does help with the $5100 price tag. I get emails from and seen webinars for Fausto Pugliese, Price Headly Big Trends and Pacific Trading Academy(PTA). Of course the price varies widely. Does anyone have any experience with these or ANY trading course? I'm looking for a good educational course. I also have a copy of TASC that list trading courses. There are a LOT. Anyway, any direction would be appreciated.
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    OMG you frauds will never quit!!!!


    They need your money because they cannot implement their own strategy.


    I wonder why???

    They are teaching you how to make 2 friends and lose it all.

    Show me any stock on any timeframe and I will tell you how you could have traded it.

  3. Well you have it narrow it down. What is it you want to trade?
    Do you want to trade for a living? For yourself or for someone else?

    What are you expecting from a trading course?

    How much time and effort are you willing to put into a course and what do you hope the results of successfully completing the course will be?

    If you believe that you will be able to take a course and then immediately start trading profitably I believe you will be terribly disappointed.

    Everything you want to know is available at little or no cost. You just have to look for it.
  4. I currently trade more than part time but less than full time. I have an excellent career that I will not give up. Trading is for extra income but more importantly for supplementing retirement money. I don't expect to make a killing after taking a course. I have more realistic goals. Knowledge is king. I am just trying to get an edge to better enhance my trading. I have many books on trading and have seen many webinars. I actually am going to Steve Nison's Candlestick seminar next month. I don't know of any traders that have not gotten education somewhere. The free info online is useful. I have gotten some good info from that source. Continuing education is the key to any endeaver.

  5. It would be cynical to think they are ALL out to get your money. Of course some are. I don't have a problem with paying for education. Sometimes education carries a price. People pay for college, trade school etc. all of the time. If it pays off in the long run it's worth it.
  6. I went to an OTA meeting nearby when they sent a postal card. Basically a room filled with fresh fish. OTA is basically a $15 technical analysis book that will cost you many thousands.

    I just posted a review of them the other day here "Online Trading Academy.

    They also spam online review sites with shill reviews.

    The only ones getting rich from them, is the company.

    Their pitch is long on hype and short on audited or proven returns. If you do not see PROVEN returns, every course is worthless.
  7. Start with the traders you know and ask where they got their education. Knowing a successful trader is a bonus. Most will be quite willing to help if you ask. Take a week off work and watch as they trade.
  8. Sounds like you have reached stage #4
    Google: “Bo Yoder Stages of a trader” for the other stages.
  9. +1 - stage 4. read everything and anything, before finally realizing you need to do your own work to become a trader. Serious edges are not for sale. If its in a $20 book, then it is probably something that usd to work, If it is in a $6,000 course, then it is probably the same thing as in a $20 book, but with a lot prettier cover, with testimonials and endorsements. But the teachers will somehow not be able to provide you with audited proof...
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    Teachers don't have to prove a thing if their clients are the best advertising. My integrity and the value I provide to my clients is what makes me. That's why I provide anyone seriously considering my program with extensive background materials and references for me personally.

    The most important element to my high recruiting percentage is that I provide serious prospects with contact information to current clients so that they may independently find out for themselves if my program has the technical merits and performance characteristics they desire.

    I am very, very good at what I do - and I deliver for my clients. Just ask them for yourselves.
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