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  1. Was just wondering,

    are there people here who have become successful & profitable traders despite not having a bachelors degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Engineering, Economics, Business or Finance?

    My main concern is regarding the low odds of "making it" as a propietary retail trader even if one doesn't have a "hard science" academic background.

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    Im a drop out and ive done just fine. That said I'd always tell a younger person to go to and finish college.
  3. I have finished college - only thing I took up Marketing Management, and later realised that my passion resided in trading.

    The problem is I cannot get a break into any investment bank or financial entity - since my profile doesn't match what they are looking for.

    I am highly interested in getting trained as an intern in some major investment bank - to learn the ropes on how the pros operate (ie. their tools, methods, etc.) so that later I can trade my own account.

    How big of a hindrance is it NOT to be exposed to the financial sector? I'm sure many people have worked for firms first, before risking their own capital on their trading strategies.
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    I know plenty of people that went to Columbia or NYU and managed to get internships with Engineering degrees, History Degrees, Political Science etc. Of course by going to those schools you end up getting great connections which help. Just work the phone and keep pounding on doors, if you are determined you will get in. Good luck.
  5. I still think its extremely tough to break the burocracy & protocols when it comes to corporate HR recruitment. Now if you have good connections, thats a different story altogether.
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    I noticed 32/32 of your posts are dedicated to them, they must be good!