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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by jayjay100, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Just curious if anyone is willing to share their experience with a good trading education. I have spent a little money with one company, but found their education to be lacking. Then, got a hard-sell pitch from another - a little research brought out way too much bad about them and no good. Now I am looking at another company. So far, I like what I see, but quite frankly, I hesitate to even mention the company name because you can't seem to ask a question on these boards without being accused of being a shill for the company you are researching - makes it tough to get any answers!

    I have key-word searched and found the company mentioned on these boards, but more in passing - no direct experience. So, how about this - if anyone has actually taken training from a company and found it to be beneficial, would you post something about it here? I would like to know if the education increased you trading profits directly, how much it cost, how long did it take to complete the training, was there on-going support offered and if you feel it was well worth what you spent.

    If I'm lucky, maybe someone will respond who has experience with the company I am looking in to using. If I'm not, then I'll research elsewhere.

    Just looking for answers - not promoting anyone!
  2. Thanks to those who replied privately. I didn't want to mention any companies by name and the private messages were a great solution. Thanks!