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    Has anyone here actually attended one or more of the various trading schools (e.g., MarketWise, Pristine, etc., etc., etc.) or participated in any of the other programs (either on-site, online, or via books and/or video) designed to teach people to trade? I (and I imagine other traders just starting out), would be really be interested in the thoughts of anyone who has actually done so as to the value of the various offerings in this area.

    I am coming to understand that the best education for traders is largely comprised of actual trading, but I can't help but wonder whether any of these programs may be of genuine value, and, if so, which ones. I've gotten myself reasonably well-versed in technical analysis, so my principal personal interest in this area is in order entry, execution, and routing, but any thinking that anyone who has real experience with these programs may have with respect to their relevance to and value for ANY aspect of successful trading would be greatly appreciated.

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    Never really taken any of their courses except for the free ones (from Toni Turner of MarketWise and Dan Gibby of Pristine), seems like both company concentrate on swing traders mostly (so if that's your thing maybe it's for you) but they don't seem to address their concern nor are their courses gear toward daytraders. They also concentrate heavily on charts, indicators, and technical analysis in general...which I think is fine but they don't talk much about any other trading styles and strategies such as using L2 for scalping, momentum trading, etc...

    Also I question why they are teaching instead of trading sometimes, they always claim they are very successful and love to teach people and see them succeed...but the truth is if I was making tons of money trading, I will spend my free time with my wife and kids and just kick back...why would I want to wear a suit and spend weekends teaching a bunch of "wannabes" secrets of their success? I still haven't found anyone that convince me that they are the real deal.