Trading eCBOT corn at IB

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  1. On IB's list of futures on eCBOT corn (symbol ZC) is only listed as an index, but in TWS I can get quotes as a future. I tried to enter a limit buy order but it didn't go live, it stayed pending.

    Are these contracts tradeable with IB? Has anyone done it?

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    Trading is not available at the moment, but could be as soon as next week. Look out for an IB announcement.
  3. Thanks Steve. I know everyone must say this, but if you could find a way to add pit trading many of us would try to make it worth it for you :cool:
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    I'll remind you of that sooner than you think!!
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    There is nothing like doing the research for making a bid for Refco to stimulate IB's interest in offering pit traded futures. I am sure IB learned much in their Refco discovery. For one thing, I think IB learned that submitting a winning bid for Refco was not the best use of IB's well earned cash reserves and IB would be better served by setting up their own organization for pit trading. I hope this is the case. I am sure IB will make the right decisions.:)
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    Beans and bellies - yeah baby!
  7. looking forward to it.
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    ...or maybe they should go after a small firm that has a nice floor presence. Know of a few that could fit that bill.
  9. TGM


    This is the Night Corn symbol for the electronic market. Is the Cbot now letting the grains trade electronic during the day? Or is this just the night markets?

    About time Cbot goes electronic for all day and night. They must have done it once they went public ----because no way was the pit going to let it happen.
  10. Searching CBOT's web site I have found nothing about trading electronic grains side by side with the pit.

    I might be wrong...

    To me, all this means IB is going to offer pit traded commodities too.
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