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  1. I was looking at yahoo finance to see who was reporting earnings today. At the end of the day, I saw that UFPI reported earnings, but I did not see that company listed in the earnings page on yahoo.

    Where can I find a site that has ALL the companies reporting each day?

    yahoo is good but it seems that they are leaving some out.

    ps. Is trading earning reports an easy style of trading, or among the most difficult?

    - nathan
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    I use for earnings info. I trade earnings reports in a variety of ways. No more difficult than any of the other strategies i use.
  3. Aside from my previous question, does anyone here think that trading earning reports is a 50/50 chance?.
  4. It takes a quite a bit of feel to trade earnings, so if you are new i would just watch for the reactions to a report +/- ....

    That said I would watch stocks with heavy sponsorship and only when they report a good variance from expected, and a material change in outlook.
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    Yahoo rarely misses an upcoming earnings report. I've found that if they do, Briefing didn't have it listed either. UFPI probably wasn't listed beforehand, but they will usually add it to their webpage after the fact.

    Earnings can be really tricky. For example, when you see a big name come out with earnings, a lot of times it will go in one direction and it looks like the reaction to the news is pretty clear...then it reverses, really quickly. Or, it could keep going in the same direction! And when the news is obviously good or obviously bad, the reaction is often so quick that it's difficult to get in at a good price.

    The risks and reward are exaggerated over a lot of other types of trading. If you're going to play earnings, do 100 shares until you're really comfortable...which could take a while.
  6. I'm pretty sure yahoo gets alot of their earning info from zacks...estimate data at least. there are alot of useful tools on the zacks page if you tool around. i think you can sign up for a lot of free email of which is the earning calendar for the upcoming week.
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    Are you sure they use Zacks? The reason I ask is Briefing publishes Zacks estimates next to Reuters, and at times Zacks is a lot different than the Reuters or the Yahoo estimate. For example, today Yahoo is showing .71 for ANDE, and Briefing shows .71 for Reuters, and .64 for Zacks. GMRK is .48 at Yahoo, .48 for Reuters and .55 for Zacks.
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