trading earnings with a bloomberg

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  1. I recently got a bloomberg to trader after hours and didn't think it would be as had as it is. Can anyone tell me how these traders who trade the earnings press releases get to page 36 to find the guidance in a matter of 2 seconds after hours? Its taking me about 4 seconds and i thought i was being very quick. Any suggestions would be great
  2. DJ or Reuters news usually put up separate headlines for guidance and items of note from the release. But yes, most people just trade without all information.
  3. yes the headlines come out, but most of the time comes out about 30 seconds after the press release, so unless you can get to page 30 line 4 of the press relase within 2 seconds its useless to play earnings after hours
  4. yes. some people just like the volatility. if they see it move sharply one way on heavy volume, that's all the confirmation they need to fire away.
  5. no, im watching these guys trade with the bloomberg, there getting to page 36 of the press release (or where ever it is) within 2 seconds. But they wont share secrets. Anyone have any idea? thanks
  6. empee


    i dont have a bloomberg, but probably a macro
  7. easy... they probably did a search/find for "guidance".

    1. type, copy past the word "guidance" from any notepad or document

    when the release comes out

    2. Ctrl+f (or whatever it is in Bloomberg) to bring up find dialog
    3. Ctrl+v to paste the word guidance, press enter

    bingo, you should be at page w/ guidance.