Trading E-minis using moving averages?

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  1. Are these basically a waste of time? Seems to me trendlines may function better;and price activity at key levels-pivots,S/R,etc...are more important.
    Does anybody have any consistent success using MA's ? May be helpful in a trending market but otherwise too much of a lag? Thx.
  2. Ive been using the 20ema on all time frames for years. Wouldnt be without it. It gets better as time goes by.
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    there are many kinds of MA out there, your best bet is putting them all up, covering all the bars, then slowly revealing them 1 by 1, stopping at each bar and asking yourself, "is this MA telling me something?" if they are not telling you something you don't already know then don't use them. MA is always looking like the best indicator money can buy at EOD but what can it tell you at each bar is what counts.
  4. 20/50/100emas; ecellent combination
  5. What time frames are u using these ? How are they performing in a range bound,oscillating mkt.?
    I use them on 5 and 15 minute charts. Thx.
  6. I haven't looked at the ER2 in a long time....its been too long..

    What would happen if you put up a 5 period weighted against a 10 period simple on a one minute chart...?


    use some other filters to keep you out of chop?

    Just a thought to scalp out a few....

    Michael B. I need to fire up E-sig again? what is the cheapest alternative now-a-days...? Does Trade-Ideas have a way to create a group of custom indicators at 60 bucks a month?
  7. So do I, but mainly as a trailing stop. I use trendlines, swing H/L's, etc for entry usually. I always enter on retracements, and occaisionally use MA's when the market bounces back up to one.

    I would never use an MA to enter in the classical sense, as then you are just chasing a market. Entries are key in really short time frames. Not so much as you go out longer.
  8. Nkhoi,
    Could you explain the "least square" moving average in your chart?
  9. I appreciate all the posts. Any luck with the frequently mentioned 4-9-16(18) or 9-16-40 MA crossover systems(on 1 or 2 min.charts in particular)? I have had some using 8-16-50(SMAs) on a 1 min.

  10. they perform well on any time frame: from weekly charts-30min. to 1-2days 3-5min.
    but they work at best with 2days-5min.: I use them mainly for profit tgts and locate areas of support and resistance.
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