Trading E-Mini's at Prop Firm

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Rapper, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Rapper



    Anybody trading Min-Sized Dow at at Prop firm. If so what are your reasons and how is it going. I'm going to look into trading more in the future and this thought crossed my mind if this is a viable idea.

  2. if anyone knows of a prop that offers eminis in the NYC ,northern NJ area,please let me know...............can`t seem to find one.
  3. Arnie


    Why on earth would you need to trade this at a prop? Some firms will let you trade an emini for less than $1000 intraday. That's controlling over $65,000 worth of stock.....65:1 leverage.
  4. complacency at home more than anything........#2 commorardarie & environment as well..........i`m with ib....there leverage at 4:1 is fine with me as i don`t over extend myself as most do with the mini.......prop would/could provide better leverage combined with the above.
  5. minmike


    Why prop? A lot of the clearing firms in chicago have rooms where customers can trade.
  6. syrre


    Agree, some offer 500usd -> >130:1 pretty crazy stuff
  7. heynow


    If anyone has any info on a futures prop firm in the NYC area please post or pm me - thanks.
  8. artis74


    "........#2 commorardarie & environment as well"

    This is just foolish. No one at a prop is your friend. If you want to sit around a bunch of jokers talking about how they are getting screwed go to an OTB at least they serve food and booze.
  9. I would think youd have a much better shot trading stocks. Why futures?
  10. Actually, futures prop firms are more legitimate than stock firms. Futures firms actually offer real proprietary trading = no capital risk for the trader. Plus the amount of risk capital allocated to a successful trader at reputable futures prop shops is not something most people would have trading their own account. Along with member rates on commissions. It all depends on your strategy whether a futures prop is beneficial for you or not.
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