Trading e-mini S&P 500's

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  1. please share your strategies on how to successfully trade these contracts 1 at a time. i have level II and charts. i have my strategy that involves watching for hammer formations and confirming it with the occilator, MA, and breakouts but i would like to know more advanced stuff.

    even some scalping techniques would be good to hear.

    other than tech analysis, what should i be reading about (i.e. oil prices, interest rates)? if all is too much to write, please recommend me a good book. thanks!


    p.s. apologies if this thread has been created before in the past. i am new
  2. No need to apologize. It is quite common for new traders to post here asking successful traders to "share" strategies. Those of us who have developed successful strategies have been "hanging on hooks" here at ET, just waiting to offer these strategies to you immediately and with full explanations as to how to use them. Here at ET, it is our goal to make you wealthy and powerful beyond your wildest dreams.

    Apparently it has taken you a long time to get here from your planet.

    We hope you have had a pleasant journey.

    We are a peaceful race and mean you no harm.

    Lefty :D
  4. i would hope to take one strategy back to my homeland in a far away galaxy. i have 8 kids to feed and one has to go for chemo but i bought a plasma tv instead.
  5. OK spaceman, I think you would receive more help here if instead of claiming to have 8 children (lets not forget the one needing chemotherapy), you logged on with a female name, asking for help in order to obtain sufficient money for breast implants.

    Had you chosen that alternative you might also have tried offering alien sexual favors to the trader who would provide a profitable strategy.

    By the way, aren't you folks supposed to be more advanced than we are? How about using that big bulbous brain (we know what you guys look like from watching movies like "Mars Attacks") to figure this out yourself?

    I'm not convinced. I'm keeping my immensely profitable strategy to myself until I see some big alien breasts

    Nice try though.



    On second thought, what would it take to get you to shoot my ex-wife with one of those "destructo-ray guns"?
  6. BearHunter,

    If you send a hot and sexually receptive alien female my way, I will offer you all my strategies for free...

  7. VictorS


    Why trade ES? I have traded the ASE for several years with almost no drawdowns or losing days. It trends in only one direction everyday. Just follow the opening. No stopping or reversal points. All trends.
    Oh....for those who don't know, the ASE is the (Alien Stock Exchange) you can open an account with only twenty thousand neptunorockos with 100:1 margin. Great liquidity, 0% slippage.
  8. This thread is for the upcoming ET Champagne Comedy section right?!:D

    BTW, apparently BearHunter reckons he/she/it is an "Alien" investment advisor (just click on da handle!)

    :D :D :D
  9. Well it is the weekend. Characteristically this is when the weirdos come out of the woodwork. Imagine if you will that somewhere in Toronto, this guy has his shingle out proclaiming that he is an "investment advisor". How confident do you think his clients would be if they knew he was posting here on ET asking for us to "share" profitable strategies?
  10. BearHunter (investment advisor),

    I think the common problem with your question (asking for traders to share their profitable strategies) is that most will begin their question by saying they have a strategy but don't share it other than saying a generic statement like you did...

    Oscillator, MA, breakouts and candle pattern.

    That's not sharing.

    What if I replied by saying I use price action only methods, candlesticks analysis, regular schedule market events et cetera...

    Is that sharing, did you learn anything useful from that statement or is it designed to open a possible dialogue ???

    That alone will cause many not to take your question seriously and bring out our comedian side in our replies to your asking for us to share profitable strategies.

    However, you can get the ball rolling by showing chart examples of your trade signals, complete trading plan with all criterias from entry to exit, contingency plans and any extra trading tips...if your serious about sharing.

    Doing that will truly be sharing and most likely will prompt others to do the same (most likely via private message) along with leaving our comedian acts at the door.

    If I sound sarcastic...I'm not.

    I just don't understand these types of threads where someone is either an experience trader or has a professional background asking others to share their profitable strategies while they themselves reveals nothing.

    Now...if you use ET search menu you can find some traders that have shared at the minimum their entry rules in completeness although some are simple and others are very complex.

    Just be aware that what may be simple strategy to you may be complex to someone else and vice versa.

    However, a week worth of work (reviewing past charts in detail) should easily reveal if there was or still is an edge to those strategies that were shared here at ET.

    You can even pm or email those traders for more detail if your confused about a criteria or whatever.

    Another aspect of sharing of good trading tips is that some traders will post useful info over many message posts that may occur in many months of posting.

    Simply, they are planting seeds without putting it all in front of you on a silver platter in one single message post.

    That's the reason why when you find a trader you like what they write (useful trading tips) a link in your browser to that traders post search here at ET so that you can click on it whenever you feel like it to see if they've said anything interesting as of late.

    There's also the issue of once something is shared...the edge will be eventually lost.

    My opinion on that is that it depends on the strategy.

    Some edges will last a few days...others only weeks...others only months...others only years and the rare ones may maintain there edge well past a decade of trading.

    To me...the real issue is how the sharing is done and how does it benefit both sides.

    If sharing allows me to improve my strategy (constructive feedback) as the market changes from one month to the next or allows me to be in realtime contact with those with either similar trading styles or looking for the same trade signals (more eyes on the market)...

    I'm all for it.

    The ultimate way of sharing is to do it in person...side by side.

    Not only will you gain access to the strategy working in front of your own two eyes...

    You'll have the opportunity to see that other key element...the psychology of the trade in person.

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