Trading during night session emini

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by juangecko, May 21, 2004.

  1. I wanted to ask someone about trading during night session the emini. I use an approach and wanted to exchange experiences and knowledge.
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  2. I trade the night session once and a while. Whats your question?
  3. Juangecko,

    This has been discussed several times here at ET in the recent past.

    However, such methods are usually blended within other topics.

    Big Hints:

    0300am est, 0830am est (key economic reports) and price divergence signals.

    I know a few traders that work other jobs during the trading day and will trade the Eminis exclusively in the overnight session for a second income because its the only time they can trade.

    They don't do it every day...only when there's things expected to occur leading into regular trading hours.

    Try using ET search menu to see what other small little nuggets traders have said about the overnight session.

  4. Kap


    I regularly place positions from when the European markets open (3.00 am NY time onwards).

  5. I have been trading night session for a while......I look for extremes and there I place a sell limit (top) and a buy limit (bottom).
    Sometimes I wake up at the opening of the DAX to fine tune my entries.
    From my experience I can say that Monday´s gap usually have the biggest movements and most of the times does not close the gap.....
    If someone wants to exchange opinions about trading overnight please contact me at :


  6. Thanks NihabaAshi. I have been reading those posts and wanted to chat with somebody that is currently trading night session. i also do it as a part time job.


  7. I don´t have really any question...but I intended to chat and exchange opinions and tactics with somebody that is trading during night.