Trading & Drinking in Las Vegas

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  1. As a Vegas Trader and Drinker I would be interested in finding like minded for a regular trading happy hour. Lots of great joints in Vegas and never a last call.

    I trade/develop full time - trading automated systems I have developed in house.

  2. Would be especially interested in meeting/drinking with those involved in the development of automated trading systems.


  3. I also live and trade in Las Vegas and would be interested in getting a drink anytime. I live near Henderson.
  4. PM/email me and we can set something up.

    There is a great Spanish Tapas Bar near me.

    Bon Weekend


  5. How`s life in Las Vegas? Cost of living?

    Serious question.

    I`ve been there, but I`m not really sure if I would want to live there, but I suppose I was only exposed to the tourist stuff and the whores.

  6. For us the main drawback to living in Las Vegas is the heat but to mitigate that the heat is only 4 months of the year and Vegas has always been a town for indoor sports.

    One big plus if you travel is a great airport and it serves as kind of a virtual hub for all airlines as there are non-stop flights to every major US city and to many in Europe and beyond.

    Food, Drink and entertainment are better done here than any other place on the planet. Also the gambling gives the punters a bit better on odds etc than are available at other gambling venues.

    As to cost of living, it is very inexpensive as compared to major US cities. When we first moved here we found everything cheaper except car insurance which is high here because of the 24 hour free booze - no last call here.

    As to trading not too much activity here. Don Bright runs a stock prop shop but it has changed its name and its parking lot is all but empty as it fails to keep up with changes in the markets and changes in technology.

    As a poker player I know several players who have come to the game from the markets but strangely enough I know of no poker players who have gone from poker to the markets in any meaningful fashion.

    As you spend more and more time here you get hooked up with friends in different casinos which can provide lots of comped food, drink & entertainment.

    For trading the infrastructure is good. I run a half dozen workstations on a local network connected to the internet through a load sharing router that balances and provides backup for both a cable and DSL connection and I have a further back up with wireless connection to a laptop workstation with a nine hour battery and all of our bots in case of both a power and a internet cable failure.

    Vegas offers a lot and a lot of what Vegas offers that is good is off the strip.