Trading Dreams

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  1. I am going through my morning ritual of bringing up eSignal. Check that the scaling is correct on all the charts (if not on autoscale). Center the current price. Adjust the starting scale on the size of the trade (a new kinesthetic feature of eSignal called "You ARE the Trade"). I enter a trade near the open, and I feel that I AM the trade. I feel myself fluctuate after the entry, and then grow confidently. I feel that I am getting too big, like I am about about to pop, and exit the trade. BEING the trade provides a valuable new dimension of insight. This following a dream that my ex was laughing at me.
  2. Stop sniffing paint thinner.
  3. Sniff it? Where I'm from we shoot it up. Following up on the dream, I put myself into a light trance before the open to try to duplicate the feel in the dream of being the trade. It worked for a modest gain. But now I am not sure if I am dreaming the trade or if the trade is dreaming me. Very nagual.
  4. Where you're from it is normal for a man to start a family with his sister.
  5. Wow, two posters who couldn't be further apart ... in a way, it's perfect for this thread.

    Thanks for the thoughts, Arthur.
  6. Whenever I feel I am the trade, I have to scratch myself.
  7. Thank you, JJ. And Anacondom should be glad of it. My kith and kin have lofty inviolate principles. We draw the line at starting families with our daughters. But one wonders, did my dream in some way disturb him? Does he perhaps distrust feeling in trading? Or non-analytical approaches? You know I don't make this shit up. The dream gave me a new perspective on my trading. Heretofore I had never seriously considerd the possibility of following visceral cues. In the dream the trade was a whole body experience. The trade and I breathed. Rested. Expanded ebulliently and joyously. In waking the ordinary chart dimensions of trading suddenly seem inadequate. So I am looking for a visuo-auditory way to simulate the kinesthetic effect. Something that will provoke a strong body-sense synesthesia.
  8. Thunderdog, I too experience the urge to enter and exit trades as itchiness. I guess if I were a hounddog I would want to lick my balls. But we digress. I wish I could explain exactly how it felt to BE the trade. To know its motivations. Its joie de vivre. Its intentions. And ultimately its ennui.
  9. Is this the result of years of trading=having delusions?

    It worries me, is this what I am heading to?

    I wonder about the percentage of day traders among mental patients.
  10. What a pity that you are stuck in the Flatland of the two-dimensional screen! Because of progressive vision deterioration I developed a set of over twenty audibles that let me visualize in my head nearly exactly what is happening on the screen, so that in years to come I can continue to trade. What I dreamt is merely a logical extension of that approach. I typically make one to three percent a day with no losses. If that is crazy, a lot of traders would like to catch it.
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