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  1. My view of the markets is that they are reasonably effiecient [most of the time] and that they move on news. News will change the preceived risk, quantum, or timings of the future cashflows of the various instruments.

    I favour a gauge theory of price movement instead of an absolute or technical approach as it keeps it a lot more simple.

    I'm a discretionary trader and use the following four setups:

    1. Trade news - ie I take a position on the recaction to the news biased towards a fade but not exclusively.

    2. Mean revision - Take a view that without news the market will not trend and moves can be faded.

    3. Futures volatility - Moves in the A/H futures markets are usually volatile and have a tendency to correct as the markets get closer to open.

    4. Fear and Greed - When the market makes extreme moves time to fade. Doesn't happen all that often IMO.

    The only thing I'm trading a the moment are SnP futures, as in NZ the sun shines while most of the world sleeps. And I do not make a good vampire.

    I do intend to trade the FTSE100 and ASX200 in due course, but for now its the SnP.

    I'm not too proud to take 2pts....... but would prefer at least 5

    SnP Trades for August to date
    Date Pts
    1-Aug 6
    5-Aug -14
    6-Aug 5
    7-Aug 12

    Total 9

  2. 11 Aug
    Long 1289.6
  3. 11 Aug
    Closed 1293.0 +3.4

    Total 12.4
  4. 15/8/08

    Short 1298.5
    Closed 1296.5

    Total 14.4

  5. 19/8/08

    Long 1275.8
    Closed 1278.3

    Total 16.9pts

  6. short 1270.8
    closed 1268.9


    Total 18.8
  7. Long 1288.4
    Closed 1288.8

    + 0.4 [a small win is better than a loss I suppose]

    Total 19.2
  8. Long 1264.7
    Closed 1268.7


    Total +23.2
  9. Long 1267.7
    Closed 1273.9

    + 6.2

    Total +29.4
  10. Long 1277.8
    Closed 1280


    Total + 31.6
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