Trading Dow futures by TICK

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  2. There is a much better way to trade the TICK with the YM than what was shown in the video. Scalping LONG when the TICK is near measured highs is not always depends where price is at in relation to the trade day to take trades from higher TICK readings.

    Scalping the YM LONG with high TICK readings is most optimal when the YM is closer to the days wholesale pricing....not when the day is already at high retail pricing.
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    pretty good video, Cater had tick on 1m and YM on 2m so look like he trying to make tick as leading indicator by slowing ym down, the scheme back fire when near toward the end he said buy at 395 based on tick was hooking up, it hang on 395 for awhile then spiked to 396 and imm felled down to below 395, that go to show if it is too obvious, it is obvious wrong. still the video give you some idea to think about.
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    I've seen dozens of TTM's videos.
    The strategy is not to scalp long at tick extremes,,,,the strategy is to fade 1000 tick readings (or established tick highs for the day) on sideways days and when the trin is sideways. The strategy is to go long on tick hooks when the trend is up and when ticks are near the low range, and vice versa for shorting the tick high readings.
    That video was made by Hubert, not John Carter. Most the video's you see with training are by Hubert.