Trading Documentary DVDs

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  1. I have Floored. Looking for more. Anyone have any to sell , trade or recommend?

    Thank you!
  2. BBC - Billion Dollar Day [1986]
    Million Dollar Traders
    Wall Street Warriors Season 1
    Wall Street Warriors Season 2
    Wall Street Warriors Season 3 - to be released
    The Alchemists of Wall Street
    Trader [1987] - Paul tudor Jones
    BBC. The love of Money 1, 2 and 3
    BBC Horizon - The Midas Formula
    - Trillion dollar bet - The Formula (Black-Scholes options) that shook the world
    The Money Masters
    Open Outcry
    The Day the Bubble Burst [1982]
    25 Million Pounds - A study of Nick Leeson and the collapse of the Barings Bank [1996]
    Wall Street: A Wondering Trip [2004]
    Enron - The Smartest Guys in the room [2005]
    PBS - The Ascent of Money [2008]
    BBC - 1929 The Great Crash [2009]
    Stock Shock The Movie [2009]
    BBC The Last Days of Lehman Brothers [2009]
    Floored [2010]

    The pit
    Bulls and Bears

    quite a'll have something to do for the next 8 saturdays.
  3. The above are all documentaries,

    Here is a list of MOVIES .


    The House of Rothschild [1934] - overlord of international banking house
    Rollover [1981]
    Trading Places [1983]
    QuickSilver [1986]
    Wall Street [1987]
    Limit up [1989]
    Dealers [1989]
    Other people's Money [1991]
    Barbarians at the gate [1993]
    A perfect Murder [1998]
    Rounders [1998]
    Pi [1998]
    Rogue Trader [1999]
    Boiler Room [2000]
    The Bank [2001]
    The Trade [2003]
    Owning Mahowny [2003]
    Wall Street 2 - Money Never Sleeps [2010]
  4. BTW looking for a copy of "bulls and bears" documentary with John rambo moulton that I haven't been able to find for a LONG TIME. I even talked to john rambo moulton's daughter on her you tube to try to get it but she never relayed the message to her father lol Creepy right! (she had commented on the promo clip for the movie)
  5. Very nice. Which ones are the better documentaries? Anybody willing to trade, burn a copy?
  6. PM me if anyone has some of these for sale. I'm looking for documentaries similar to Floored.
  7. Anyone see the trailer for the upcoming movie Margin Call ?

    Movie looks great!
  8. Where can I find The Pit movie and Bulls and Bears? Those are what I'm looking for!
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