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    I can't commit myself to trading as much as I would like to and need to. I have a business to run (so stressful), a family to look after, and school to finish. I don't spend all day or even once daily throughout some weeks focusing on stocks. Oftentimes I perform a daily general run through of the markets and stocks that I am observing. I forget about a lot of the stocks until something catches my attention.

    What distracts you from going full-time? Health, responsibilities, etc

    btw, I'm much obligated to the business because its a family business.

    "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!"
    from my fav scene in the third Godfather. really hit home...heehee
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    The babes. I've got three of Hef's girls staying at my place. They're always running around naked, wanting to have sex, asking for body rubs, etc. Drives me nuts.

    "Girls! Girls! For God's sake!" I shout at them, "Put some clothes on, go out and see a movie or something!" But it does no good. I'm just a sex object to them...

  3. If your business makes you enough money to live on, don't worry about trading. The market will still be here when you eventually do have the time.
  4. I have an eight month old daughter and my wife and I take it in turns to do the night feeds. Some nights I hardly sleep at all since she's been sick with flu several times.

    I trade full time from home and find that fatigue really effects my focus. Then there are the interruptions and what not. It can be tough at times.

    But... then there are the times when everything is going well, I'm in my groove and I can sit back and relax or goof around. I suppose you have to take the good with the bad.

    Even on the bad days I still smile and say "I can't believe I do this for a living, its great!" :)
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    You Wish.

    Your probably old and wrinkly.