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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Toonces, Jan 16, 2004.

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    Where is a good place to get a reasonably priced desk for trading, for 6-8 monitors? There was a place online that sold dedicated trading desks, but I can't remeber the name of the company. The name started with an 'A'; that's all I can remember.
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    i've found that when something is advertised to a more niche audience (like, dedicated trading desks, or special sunglasses just for surfers, or whatever) you pay a premium.

    i'd say: just look for a desk that will fit your needs. so, what are you looking for? do you need height adjustment? arms to hold lcds so you have lots of desk space? dropped keyboard tray? minimum or maximum width?

    as for the company that starts with a: did you mean anthrocart?
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    IMHO the coolest desk is made by Biomorph. It is a little pricey to get with all the bells and whistles. The electric height adjustment is a great feature! The Maxo model would probably fit at least 6 good size flat screens.

    I am not affiliated in any way with the above mentioned company.
  4. This business just sells stuff at ripoff prices. Some of their products are marked up 500%!

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    The prices are steep. However, if you can find a desk like this elsewhere for $500 or less, please let me know, I'd like to buy one!

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    Anyone know firms selling used trading desks?
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    If you go to wallmart or kmart, they have tables 6 and 8 ft. Simply turn the table over and unscew the particle board top. Go to Homedepot and purchase a 4x8 ft oak veneer 3/4 inch plywood (about $50.) Cut to size desired. Screw this in place of where the original top was. They have 3/4 inch trim you can tack to the edges. A little stain and polyurethane on the top and you're set.

    Total cost about $100.

    Good luck and good trading.
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    Nice setup. Two questions: What is that square keyboard that's in the middle of the desk and what software does it work with? Does your room get warm with all those monitors? :)
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    You can find a link here on ET about Xkeys order entry keypads. Most trading platforms have hotkeys. The keypad takes the place of your regular keypad but works in parallel through a USB port. The smaller Xkeys keypad is about $100 and the larger one as shown is about $150. There are people on here who can help you with the set up. It comes with a small utitlty program that does the setup for you.

    Monitors--it is warm in here with all of them, but the eye strain is worse. The next investment will be some LCD's. I notice Costco will have some 19 inch Princetons on sale in March.
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