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  1. Hi,

    Are there any trading firms where someone can put up their own capital and pay for training and a desk and be somewhat independent? I've been following the markets for a few years now, lost in fantasy stock trading and real-life trading, but I have also learned a lot and come back more determined each time to succeed. I'm 26 y/o, and investing part of my pay into my IRA and personal trading account and down the road I want to get serious and day trade. I don't have the illusion of getting rich quick, but I love it and I can see myself over time getting good at it. In a nutshell, any helpful suggestions would be appreciated. I'm starting out and love the world of investments; I know it's a high-stress profession, but when you do what you love for work, you won't work a day in your life, so to speak. I know also to trade out of one's home or whatever you need at least $25k in cash. Thanks again!!
  2. "...I can see myself over time getting good at it."

    What leads you to this conclusion?
  3. What you're looking for is a prop firm that requires security deposit. Some provide training and basically you use the leverage they provide to trade and you will give them a cut if your trade is profitable.

    Go to the Prop Firm forum for more.
  4. I second what elitetradesman said about seeking a Prop Firm. You sound young and ambitious, good luck to you!

  5. it makes me laugh.

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  6. Thank you to the earlier posts for the advice, I will check out those forums.
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    Hello All,

    I am 17 years old in the Chicago area with a great interest in trading, eventually i want to make a career out of it. Currently i am trading my own money on my etrade account while attending highschool. I havent chose the college that i will be attending yet but i am looking at schools with top business programs. For the time being i would like to get some experience at a prop trading firm, or hedge fund(I'm not expecting any responsiblities...mostly offering help around the network with the industry professionals) Now i know most of you will say what i want is an internship and i need to be enrolled in college for this... you guys know of any prop firms/hegde funds that would take on someone like me for extra help doing little tasks around the office?

  8. hey guys- here's a pretty big list of prop firms in the Chicago / NY area

    Mike- my best advice to you is to keep trading, especially with real $ prop firms seem to LOVE when people in high school & college trade frequently and will definitely get you in a seat when you're out of college. If you're good you can definitely nab a seat at one of the 'better' firms.. as soon as anyone starts talking about which prop firms are the 'best' on the internet the irrational screaming starts (see: ) so seek out a bunch and make up your own mind what fits you :)