trading desk anyone use

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  1. Does anyone actually use a argos desk curious as to if you like it or not.

    Im looking at the auro.520 workstation with a 8 screen wrap.
  2. Those are pretty sweet looking but if you have 8 monitors stretched from side to side, how do you watch the 1st and 8th monitor at once!
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    That desk is two workstations, the second chair is a hint!
  4. I thought that was where you could prop your legs up, or put your case of beer? :cool:
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    It's all good, the beer goes in the mini-fridge under the desk, the second chair is for a massage girl.

  6. Ikea Jerker (thats the name)

    Its adjustable so that I can work on a stool and stand up at the pc if need be..
  7. This is wonderful! Takes two persons to monitor different data to come to an agreement to make a trade. Perfect! When they have a losing trade, they have each other to blame.

    Or maybe you just find another trader like you to split the cost of $3465 and he uses 4 monitors and you use your 4 monitors. You can yak to each other during the doldrums.
  8. Seems overpriced..
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