trading. & depression

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  1. depression. and.. trading.

    your views.

    experiences. ?

    im interested in hearing from you.

    man has many faults. in some ways, to truly succeed in life, is to give up everything that makes you a human. all your basic instincts which are often quasi-rational, weak, irational and too weak for this world.

    one way to beat the world is to cease to be a human. it is to create something out of yourself.

    one problem - learning. we all know that one child in that family that has no manners. and we know the other kid who is very disciplined. and we know more correctly that parenting can have a great influence.

    take a dog. beat the dog if it barks at nites. beat it until it learns. and it will. - a dog. it's called 'conditioning'.

    so. a problem. if hitler was alive, and rather than attacking other countries he focused on making a good trader out of you, i think he could. mans biggest challenge in life (after making a sales call), to change himself.

    to change you need to be communist at heart. you need to punish yourself accordingly. a simple realization is not enough. and memory is too weak and emotions have cycles. how many times will you promise yourself you learnt, and keep making the same mistake? temptation? still too weak? descipline. u need to trade like a machine. u have to cease life as human and live like a new artifical crature. u need to make decisions that you would otherwise hate to take - as a human.

    now depression. a great blackhole. but often it's funny how it breaks every bone and soul of humans desires and emotions. I've often come across some very successful traders, who's success I believe was truly down to their chronic depression. capital gain means nothing to them. being right is like a game that eases their dark self-suffering. to win at trading is to find cause to continue living life..

    Imagine that - win at trading or die - (your life on the line)

    chronical addiction.

    a truly happy individual (human) will never beat the market. the market is driven by human judgment drivin by emotions - human brains judgements which are often quasi-rational/failure in the dimension we live in. then there are those who are something else.

    super-charged depression = opressed agression = big gains.

    well. imagine this: jerking off = making mistakes in the market. can you stop jerking off or having sex for a year? can you?

    really, can you? in effect given up one aspect of what makes you a human.. which is programmed into you. to change is difficult. and to beat the market, requires this level of change.

    ofcourse the more people age, the more they are BATTERED emotionally - such that they become desensetised - and thus successful.

    im tired now, next time, I'll write something on my view on some other thing.

    (take breaks, do think things you don't like, don't think like others) cOnDiTion yourself!
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  3. I'm depressed on weekends...... heavily depressed!!!
  4. napa


    I do have tendency for depression, and it is certainly something not to joke about. I have had few serious episodes, last one damn nearly killed me. It took nearly a year to somewhat recover. And to me, depression is like cancer of a mind - no matter how well one recovers, there is nagging feeling that maybe some tumors did remain; just waiting to get back with a vengeance.

    I did learn something about myself from last episode. It seems i cannot handle well situations where I'm not in control. At the time, i was way too busy doing things i felt was just stupid. So i ended up quitting my job.

    Tradingwise, i don't think one can make sound decisions when seriously depressed. But trading can actually help recovery. It just requires few preparations. First, forget about whopping returns and get very very sound money management. Trade ridiculously small, and diversify. Second, get focus - give your mind something to chew on (don't think about depression) and analyze your trades with utmost determination. If trades go fouwl, let the first part take care of that. Don't' get preoccupied with losses, your mind have second part to do. Make your depressive nature to work for you.

    There went few thoughts, hope it helps someone. Btw, i found that trading forex can be quite therapeutic.