Trading Day Live-Recordings, Presentation Videos, and Screenshots

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by omniscient, Aug 15, 2005.

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    as NYSEProTrader suggested, here is a thread for video capture, trading day recording, and so forth. you know ... what the title indicates :)

    i just came across a new freeware screen capture app that seems pretty decent:

    nothing fancy, but if you just want to record daily trading sessions, it looks like a viable candidate. i literally just installed it so i don't have much feedback so far. i recorded about 3min of screen activity and the compression method i picked (Indeo video 5.10) produced about 5meg/minute.

    quality was decent, but again, to record daily trades, for personal review, i don't need ultra, super, mega HQ material.

    also, it was after-hours, so i had to manual scroll, move, click, etc., to simulate some decent activity. tomorrow i will test it again during RTH.

    another product i have, use, and like is Capture Pad:

    again, it is lower-frills tha Camtasia, but then it is also $25 for a single license (or $50 for 10).

    i've used Camtasia and it is nice, very nice. price-wise it was not a justifiable expense - for me.

    also, i have yet to record audio with any of the apps, so i can't comment on any of them for audio quality.

    over the next few weeks i will be doing more with bobyte and capturepad so i will have more feedback.

    also wanted to note that (this may be obvious) but playback quality can be impacted by a lot of factors. for example, i have one monitor on my stock graphics card (either 64 or 128 meg, i forget) and two others on a Matrox quad 32meg card, each port with 8meg. well, playback on the main monitor is noticeably better than playback on one of the 8meg port monitors. anyway, just a heads up ...

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    BTW: bobyte's software is all freeware.
  2. thanks. i was going to look for a free video editor (not for trading needs but still).