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    I am thinking about creating a database that will log all orders, trades ( a trade being made up of multiple buys and sells, conforming to a given strategy).

    Has anyone done this in Access? Any ideas on what I should be tracking in the database?
  2. I've done my option trades in access. Usual fields to capture would be buy price,sell price, strategy used, pnl. By doing so, you can later on generate reports that breaks by strategy sorted by pnl, by stock,etc. Funny thing is I was just checking out my access report for option trades this PM. Shows me that I had P on 25/39 cAlendars, suck in buying outright puts, did ok on verticals,etc. Good idea to track pnl per strategy good luck
  3. C,

    I just completed a database in Lotus Approach (very much like Access) to track multiple accounts and stratigies. As for what you should include, what can you think of? Sky is the limit my friend and once you start getting into it you will think of many many many elements you want to include...

    I will PM you with my email and IM, and if you'd like I will send you over some screenshots of my own... Perhaps this will get your own mind rolling...

    PEACE and good-speculating
  4. Yes, I track all my trades now in Excel - the process is quite educational. Started to reconfigure into Access, but it has been awhile since I've used and I got hung up not recalling how to past excel files into Access databases (or some other nonsense like that.) Thanks for posts. Got to get back to work on that project ...

    Definitely the Access reports by strategy / broker / instrument / time period can be very educational.

    I also like to study how efficiently I am spending my commission dollars, i.e. could I have pursued that strategy at a lower commission expense with a different instrument / broker.

    Also, Access should facilitate how I handle multiple currencies, which is currently a mess in my excel worksheets.:p
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    not Access, but Perl and mySQL. i essentially email my trades to my database, absolute piece of cake.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Damir, what application are you using to run reports from the database?

    I have a little experience using mysql, mythtv uses it to track tv shows etc. Seems powerful for queries etc, but no graphing etc.