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  1. qdz3se


    outline only, detail deliberation to come.
  2. lescor


    Milkman rubs poop on my cloud. Smootch green puppy last wednesday? 94 apples in my shoe. GOATS!

    I swear you get more insane by the week.
  3. LMAOOOO :p :p :p



  4. qdz3se


    Another one.

    Nothing but mechanical. Follow the system(s).

  5. qdz3se


    Need a new system.

    Think opinion-less same as emotionless.

    Wait the chips fall.

  6. Turok


    And I lie in the arms of a giant crustacean. With hand tools.

  7. GOATS!
  8. I can still recall old Mister Barnslow getting out every morning and nailing a fresh load of tadpoles to the old board of his. Then he'd spin it round and round, like a wheel of fortune, and no matter where it stopped he'd yell out, "Tadpoles! Tadpoles is a winner!" We all thought he was crazy. But then we had some growing up to do.

  9. How 'bout toad the wet sprocket? Seems in line with this thread. Is this stuff supposed to make any sense?
  10. VOLUME


    I like ham sandwiches.

    Cloudy days make me sad.

    When I step in dog poo my sneakers smell.
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