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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by jr07, Apr 24, 2009.

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    I asked in another post about trading mentoring online and received some interesting tips from folks, thanks.

    Now, this helps the amateur trader like myself perhaps learn a few things, but when it comes to real pro trader status, what is the school?

    Where do the traders at large firms get trained? Where do these firms go to look for these traders?

    Someone wrote in another thread a very good piece about this being a very tight network/industry, and that right now there are no jobs, etc. I understand all this, but please put it to one side for a minute.

    Say someone wanted to have a curriculum aimed at top hedge funds. What would it look like? Academically speaking. Is it about degrees in math? Or are there some real trading university/courses that can make their way into the CV of a trader.?

  2. 1) The School of Hard Knocks
    2) It's better not to have an "employee mentality". In all likelihood, you will have to go-it-alone with your own money. :cool: