Trading Curbs In The Oil Pits

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  1. Hummm I don't like the sound of this, before long the goverment will be pulling all the strings. This is scary.
  2. Government, a.k.a. Goldman Sachs. :cool:
  3. Free markets work. They have never been given a chance to work. The Fed and the political hacks in Washington are always interfering manipulating the markets for political gain. That’s why everything is so screwed up. I don’t even want to think about entitlements that are coming up.

    We nee real leadership in this country not more career Washington crooks who have been bought and paid for. We need fresh young people in there, not those old SOB that have spent there entire working career in washington, you can’t count on them.
  4. If they keep a lid on energy prices this may not help the green movement. Goldman has made huge bets on green.
  5. green, a.k.a. cash, not all that annoying "environmental" crap. :cool:
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    What's screwed up was allowing people to trade commodities futures contracts without requiring them to produce or accept delivery of some percentage of the underlying that they buy or sell.

    Do that, and all this bullshit disappears and the markets would end up operating a hell of lot more normal (free) than they do now.
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    I'm sure you are correct in that conclusion. Now all we have to do is convince Goldman to become altruistic, phone up Pelosi /Reid /BO and tell them "make it so"...
  8. If GS says it's a free's a free market.
  9. As a trader AND as an owner of a grain farm...I do not think this would help the markets AT ALL.

    Liquidity, while it does cause more volatility, is IMPERATIVE in order to better hedge the product. While I would love to have someone (speculators..of which I am one) to blame for MY bad pricing decision when selling corn or wheat, it is just that...MY decision. I would hate to see what the market liquidity would be if only "producers and end users" were able to trade those damn sure would NOT make mine and other farmer's hedging job any easier, because now not only do we have to decide on a price, but we have to find someone to take the other side of the trade. You want to see violent market moves...go to the markets with NO liquidity...just look at Sep OJ yesterday....THAT is what low liquidity gets you...Bammers the Magnificent and his socialist nutjob cronies can shove it up their arse!!
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