trading crude palm oil futures?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by sya, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. sya


    Hello all, I'm a very newbie here, would like to ask some guidance :p .
    in fact im just about to start trading. Can I ask, does crude palm oil is belongs to energy or commodity?
    Anyone knows what website that provides online trading for such (especially since I'm residing in Singapore)?
    if anyone has experiences in trading crude palm oil can advise me whether the price now is good enough to start or too low?

    from past experiences, how many percent per year does the price hike? coz Im planning to do it for long term investment.

    Btw how this futures tradiing differs from normal stock trading?
    thank's a lot for any reply!
  2. is this a chart of CPO ?

    yikes ... what is the margin required to trade one contract ?

    if you are a "newbie" ( new ) trader ...

    please consider something else besides a volatile futures market

    to speculate in ...

    unless you have a real "edge" and the insight and knowledge
    and discipline to follow your trading rules ...

    you will most likely lose alot of money ...

    good luck in whatever it is you decide to do