Trading creates Value?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by ctrader, Dec 12, 2008.

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    Lately I've been reading about how in order to be prosperous, you need to create and deliver value to the world.

    I'm having trouble resolving in my mind how generating income from trading creates "tangible positive changes in the world as a result of your creative output."

    Thoughts on this?
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    T-shirt written as “I am a creative genius.”

    What a dumb idea! :D
  3. It does not add value, if anything, it takes away. The whole "liquidity provider" argument is a joke. The whole profession has been in heavy excess for over 30 years, just how many more "liquidity providers" does the world need.

    However, you can take your earnings and put them to good use. It's up to you.
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    The way I see it is everytime you execute a trade, a portion of your commission goes toward multiple people's incomes regardless if you win or lose on it.
  5. someone needs a good dose of ayn rand. And if you are alternatively, so righteous - remember that some investors are very philanthropic.

    Its usually low to middle class worker types that are jaded about the prospects and applications of wealth.
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    its possible to provide value without making widgets, and not providing any professional services.

    to me, its not what i give to the market (liquidity), the value i provide is increased time to spend with my famliy and the time i spend volunteering at my daughter's school a couple of afternoons a week (i'm on the west coast). i also take 1 day off a month chaperoning the monthly field trip (other parents have to miss work to do this).

    my wife would tell you that i provide value in that i get a lot of household stuff done before she gets home so she can focus on her passion, cooking.

    i'm sure some ET'ers will laugh at this post, but at least i'm i'm happy.
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    I don't laugh at your post as I see things exactly the same...
    Currently I help alot my brother on his farm, I can snap some fresh air and hes glad to get some help.
    And yes, I am very happy with my life...
  8. LOL,Retards. MAke money, anyway possible, if by war, death, then do so.

    How do you think REAL money is made in the history of times? Colonialism by England, Roman Empire, US free Slavery, African diamond mining, Spanish Indian genocides, US Railroad real estate Monopolization, US Stock market and mutual funds. Real estate LandLords, NY Taxi Medallions supported by pakis.

    By pain and suffering of someone else.


    In my history of my own money making and many others, if I ain't fking/annoying/pestering someone , I ain't doing business right.
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    Read and learn, lazybones:
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    before anyone flames religion on here,you can do this without any beleifs,love your neighbor as yourself. Everyone encounters a handful of the same people on a regular basis ,these would fit in the definition "neighbors". Now if everyone was good to these people and they were good to you,the world would be a nice place,now since you can't be everybody,being yourself and offering help along the way when you see a need,goes a long way. This constitutes a contribution to the world that spreads like a vine,it's simple and creates an attitude that is beneficial day to day ,month to month ,year to year, lifetime to lifetime.
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