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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by bufferman, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. Has anyone here taken the Larry Pesavento's tutoring course?
    Any feedback? He claims on lending "top-secret" literature that's supposed to revolutionize people's trading.
  2. buffer, do you have a website link?
  3. pspr


    Larry's books on Amazon don't get very good reviews so I would be skeptical.
  4. His book opening price principal reads like a 7th grader wrote it. Someone on amazon wrote something to the effect it could have been written on one page. One page....ha an index card is more like it.

    I wouldn't think that trading course has anything revolutionary in it simply because he said the opening price principle was "the best kept secret on wallstreet".

    Yeah its a HUGE secret that often the open either is or is near to the high or low of the day a lot of the time. Give me a break.

  5. nkhoi


    whoa! you just give away the whole book.

  6. Yeah, that's not fair. Now no one will buy his book.

    Btw, I wasn't talking about the books that he published.
    In the description of his tutoring, he mentions some "grimoires of trading" so to speak that are forgotten by mankind (Necronomicon?), and he will send it to the tutee so they can becomes millionaires thru it.
    Here is the link for the person who asked for it:
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    Just about all his books are identical.. non stop charts of gartley and butterfly patterns. Neither of which I can see in real time.. but that's just me.

    I know plenty of people who claim to trade only off them.
  8. intraday and swing fib #'s

    also the daily opening price

    he has written about this too