Trading Course and Books for Sale

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  1. Sorry for the plug, but cleaning out the office before a move.

    TradeTheMarkets Professional Trader's Workshop
    4 Day Live Chicago Seminar on set of 12 DVD's

    ADXellence: Power Trend Strategies
    by Dr. Charles B. Schaap, Hardcover, 273 pages

    Financial Reporting Handbook, Securities Law, Aspen Publishers
    by Michael R. Young, ISBN: 0735546029

    Any questions, feel free to PM or email me.
  2. *** BUMP ***

    Auctions end tonight in about 2 hours...
  3. Anymore stuff for sale? You have good stuff. I got outbid.
  4. damo484


    I spotted this a little late. Any chance you can tell me where you got the ADXellence

  5. i´m reading, and its seems one of the best books i read on TA.
  6. damo484