Trading couple for 3 years are harassed by UBS Bahamas, your help will bring victory

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    Hello, dear Fellow Trader!
    We are traders too, as you are already or determined to be! We are of the same family, same tribe! We are all One!

    The story is simple - we entered an agreement with UBS for five years. After one year, being always late in executions, they refused to refund us the verified amount, giving back only 1.4%. They went into liquidation and at the same time sequestred our money and obtained by perjury an order for possession. We challenged it and moved a cross-action.

    Our efforts were awarded - we have the favorable judgment from the highest court of the Commonwealth - the Privy Council in UK But our cross-action has never been heard and our appeal against the said order stays as well.

    We are the growing class of individual traders, there are 14 million of us, according to the CME Group. We can and we will all rise and bring peace and prosperity to our society. This is an attack not only on our family but on every one of us, on our rights, on our efforts. Please visit and sign our petition . Thank you!

    If you feel this call, please give your time to the full story - email, call or visit our website

    To be successful in trading you must let go your Ego and human weaknesses such as greed, arrogance, fear. It is a kind of magic that has appeared on the Earth to change forever the balance of power and the money flow towards the Light and Justice.

    We believe that our victory against UBS will be a victory for every trader and not only, but for everyone fighting greed and self-interest, encouraging and inspiriting the efforts of those already engaged in the struggle against sophisticated white collar criminals around the World.

    We are one movement and together we will move forward!

    Thank you for being with us and in this battle for all of us!

    Have a very nice all!

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    I spent 2 min on your links/story so apologies if I don't have the facts correct.

    you were in an investment that was 3X short in a bull market and on margin as well ? Is this correct ?

    If so,are you complaining about the net result or that UBS permitted you to be in it ?
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    What are you hoping to accomplish ? maybe an ET march wearing hats or something...who should lead ? Lawrence or sweet bobby ?!
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  4. It's hard to understand you, or take you seriously,...with your rainbow font, and an avatar of a 10-person family o_O,
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    So... you took out a 5 yr mortgage on your home (or your grans?), so you could speculate in futures? And somehow you defaulted on that loan (not paying interest?) and now they have taken your house to recuperate the loan... o_O

    Well obviously that was mistake number one... especially when you have close to zero experience in trading.

    Also, you've pissed off both Credit Suisse AND UBS? How on earth do you do that?

    " it is about traders, this rising and amazing social class of self-directed futures traders which is bringing peace and harmony in our human society by making us financially free and achieving this freedom by burning all our weaknesses and rebirthing as a new society "

    I don't know how this ^ has anything to do with you/us. You clearly have the wrong idea about trading/traders. There's is nothing social about us... we mostly just want to make money.

    Peace and harmony is bad for volatility, and therefore it's shit...

    You might mistake the futures market for cryptocurrencies.... apparently those are trying to 'rebirth' to a new society.... :D
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  7. This is weird...
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    "This judge also interrogated me if our claim against UBS is just for money, I did agree, my position was that our case is for human rights and in the interest of the public and for the defense of this rising beautiful class of self-directed traders, providers of prosperity and truth for the humanity. I also added that we had decided to give all the money to charity, except a little bit for us to paint the house after the fire and, to pay our lawyers, advisors, and supporters back and to have small trading capital and living expenses covered for six months. He asked me – so you lived three years in Lyford Cay (which is one of the most prestigious communities in the world) for 3 years without electricity, and I said yes. And you are going to give all this money to charity? Not only, replied I, we are going to sit on a big table with all the people who helped and supported us during this years, no one is wealthy among them, and we are going to decide how we can use this money to make the Bahamas and this world a little bit better, to which he laughed in my face, in the court room."

    Mate... I have to break it to you... this all reads like a money grab, bordering smear campaign to UBS etc.

    The way I see this, you bought an expensive house in the Bahamas... then you ran out of money for upkeep and feeding your family (which is quite large), since you haven't even been able to pay electricity etc... You decided to take out a mortgage and put that money to work, trading futures.... which didn't work out.

    Then UBS wanted to get their money back, because you basically defaulted on it... and decided to sell the house. You say the house is worth a lot more than they think... but it seems you didn't really do any upkeep to it... and there was a fire...

    Something smells... it might be my feet, it might be the backstory....
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    Yes. For me, it all started getting weird with the blue font.
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    Where and how did you get this story? I have gone on their website and I still don't understand what is their case. All I got was Dame Eva Schloss who's the step-sister of Anne Frank went to Bahamas and made a speech...

    And then you traded, turning $1600 to $200,000,000 USD, turning $500,000 USD into $6,000,000, lots of zero's but then Credit Suisse overcharged you transaction cost and refused to refund you. And then UBS started charging you money and then you fought against UBS but UBS's action was swift and your lawyer sucked, completely unprepared and didn't even file an affidavit...

    At the end, we still don't know what happened.
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