Trading Countries

Discussion in 'Trading' started by overload, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. Hey guys, well here it is, Friday, markets closed or closing, thought I'd pop a string out here for ya'll to consider.

    With stocks you trade companies, with Forex you trade countries. Have you considered this?

    I'm new to FX but not new to trading. Did a little trading in the NASDAQ in '99 (yes, I blew my acct up but at least endured over 300 trades! Isn't that some kind of a record?). I'm currently a student of the markets who practises the profession of trading for a living.

    Anyway, maybe some of the seasoned traders who trade for a living could post their views about trading countries via currency trading, cause there seems to be more and more talk about how it is getting more difficult to earn money in other kinds of trading.

    Have a great weekend! Relax and get out there and get some exercise,
  2. In case any of you guys have not seen what a currency trading platform looks like here is a snapshot of mine (used mainly for research/study).

    In FX you can trade as little as one unit (sorry if I sound like a walking billboard).

    With 50:1 leverage (with OANDA for instance) you are exposing just 2 cents of your money to margin in a live trade! (Note: I do not have an acct with OANDA as yet).

    OANDA has a forum where traders post right on their website. That may indicate little tolerance for hanky-panky going on at their dealing desk because traders can just post any negative experiences.

    Try to find that at another brokerage - ha!