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    Hi there,

    I have been trying to gather knowledge about the stock market for a while now before I get into the trading part of the whole deal. I could use a little help with a build that would help me keep up with the instant changes that happen at the stock market. A slightest change could mean a major loss or a massive win; hence I need a fast configuration that can change the tides of fate towards me. I can use all the help I can get here, so feel free to give as many suggestions as you can,

  2. Any dual core processor and above machine after say 2006 will work fine.

  3. LOL! Bet OP didn't want to hear that!
  4. Haha thanks.

    He sounds like a beginner. I have no idea what software or systems he will run.

    Sounds like if he is worried about instant changes, he shouldn't be using dialup,.cuz of some boogeyman fear of instant losses or winners .

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  6. Is this thread about "trading computers" or "trading copters"?

    I personally don't trade from a helicopter, but it would be cool to see what copter those who do use. :)
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