Trading Concepts Course (Todd Mitchell)

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  1. Anyone out there ever taken the "Trading Concepts" S&P E-mini trading course. Here's the link :

    It is done by a guy named Todd Mitchell.

    They offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their product (within 30 days).:confused:

    Have testimonials on their website for even customers that returned the course and got their money back without taking the course.

    Any comments would be very much appreciated !!! :)
  2. Todd's program is diverse and covers several strategies for trading the market. Here are some of the topics covered:

    1. Single bar analysis. Look at the last bar, or last couple bars of the S&P and they can give you an opinion for the direction of the next day.

    2. Fibonacci retracements. He looks at various time periods of the market and compares their Fibonacci ratios. These then provide the basis for trading a retracement.

    3. ADX. He teaches a trade off the ADX indicator that is independent of any other trade he teaches.

    4. RSI/Stochastic. He teaches how to use these indicators, also independent of the other trades.

    That's pretty much the package. There are a lot of additional details to fill in the cracks and maybe a couple more indicators I have overlooked.

    He is legitimate, and as far as I can tell honest. (Of course some people around here consider anyone collecting a handsome sum for teaching people to trade to be a scammer!) For a couple months he ran a chat room on PalTalk for his graduates, but quit it. It was interfering with his own trading. Every couple months he sends out an email reminding his students that he still is there and cares about their success.

    Now the all inportant question as to whether his methodologies work... The system did not turn my trading around. However, after watching the market for a year after that, I am using some of his methods in my new re-invented self.

    As a fellow traveler, I would advise you to purchase his materials only if you can afford for them not to work and are willing to accept that reality. It may turn out that you are one of the fortunate who discover this to be your 'thing,' and will be on your way to untold riches. More realistically though, you will buy it, try it, make and lose some money and then look for something else.

    So, the decision is yours.


  3. I think he is legit in that he allows you to return it (customer service was slow, but at least they did finally credit).

    I did not get much from his course - if you have been studying TA for any amount of time, you already know the content.

    There are several threads on ET about his stuff - try the "Search" button in the upper right corner.

    Peace dog.