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    I'm switching from a laptop to a desktop, and asked a computer guy I know to put something together for me. Could those here who know about these things tell me if the following is an adequate setup? The computer mainly be used for trading (i.e. no browsing, wordprocessing etc.) and will be running Tradestation 2000i, Esignal (probably), and Open Ecry's trading platform which includes charting.

    motherboard: asus p5vd2-mx(v+s+l)
    processor: Intel p4 3.4 dual core 775 box945

    Ram: 2x512mb ddr2 553mhz Kingston

    Dual monitor card.

    Are these components ok? Is the Ram enough?


  2. More than adequate unless your applications require more RAM. Can you run off of a single stick of RAM? If so, get 1x1GB instead of 2x512. That way, if you have to add RAM you won't be wasting the 2x512.
  3. Tums


    check your task manager.
    it tells you how much memory you are using now, and you can plan your upgrade accordingly.
  4. I was presuming he had not run those apps together before. Otherwise, he'd have done what you said and would already know what RAM he needed....
  5. Your good to go.
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    Thanks everyone!
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    I asked the fellow about this, and he says that the dual core is more efficient with two sticks of Ram.
  8. yes i heard that too. Something you should check out
  9. Did he say "LOTS more"? Or, is it one of those "1%, you'd never notice", kind of thing.?
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    Dual sticks of ram are always better because of dual channel
    that all newer motherboard supports
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