Trading computer + 3 Samsung 19 inch monitors + Ergotron stand

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  1. Built by Falcon Trading Systems
    All boxes, documentation, manuals and CDs included
    Windows XP Home
    Intel 3.4 GHz Pentium dual core processor
    2 GB memory
    250 GB hard drive
    Gigabit LAN + wireless 802.11g network card
    TV viewing adapter (USB input)
    2 channel desktop speakers
    Perfect disk automatic hard drive defragmenter
    Acronis backup and disaster recovery software
    MS Office 2007
    3 Samsung 19 inch monitors
    Ergotron 3 monitor stand
    Price for everything: $1250 OBO
    Price for monitors and stand only: $600 OBO
    Contact by PM
  2. I need some ergotron arm extenders to fit 3 wide monitors on my stands.

    If you have any extra's, please let me know.

  3. Gosh it is too expensive you should re consider the price
  4. Price cut - everything out the door for $900.
  5. Bidding will be closed at midnight EST.
  6. LEAPup


    I bet you'd probably sell it quicker with pics. Amazing what the visuals do for people.
  7. LEAPup


    Probably a nice starter for someone though. Did you put it on ebay OP?
  8. Buyer backed out. Bidding is reopened. Leapup - I prefer to sell to someone on ET so I'm waiting a week before posting it on ebay. Pics available upon request for serious bidders.
  9. FWIW..

    This deal would appeal to someone who wants all of this stuff. If so, $900 is in the ball park for a decent price, IMV.... especially if seller pays shipping.
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