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  1. seems to be a famous one.

    Mark Cook won the 1992 U.S. Investment Championship with a 563.8% return, what website is that ?
  2. I am interested in the answers to this as well.
  3. Pekelo


  4. I googled "U.S. Investment Championship" , found nothing
  5. The US Investing Championship won run by Norm Zadeh and ended after the 1994 contest.
  6. Robbins is an absolute rip off....even today the futures commissions are 20.00 r/t plus fees.

    Norm Zadeh ran a very good competition wherein every entrant had to forward their monthly /quarterly statement from the broker verifying their performance.

    The results were published in Barrons , IBD and a few other publications.

    Would love to see Norm set it up again, but he is probably too busy with all his girls at the "Perfect 10 " site.
  7. 2008 WCCEIT at a glance...

    Championship Period: Quarterly

    Entries Open Through: last day of each quarterly competition.

    Minimum Account Size: $5,000

    Commission Rate: $4 per round-turn (plus Exchange and NFA fees); entrants trade their first 10 contract sides commission-free in the fourth-quarter 2008 competition.

    Markets Traded: All CME Group Globex E-mini® Index Futures products and options thereon.

    Prizes: Valuable trading tools and discounts to all entrants. Prizes from outstanding sponsors to the top 3 finishers; Bull and Bear trophy to the winner.

    Cash Prize Pool: $1,000 entry optional. 100% of cash pool awarded to top 3 finishers.

    World Cup Challenge

  8. Where are the results of robbinstrading published ?
  9. I last remember seeing it in Stocks and do not get to know much the placegetters actually earned on their results and there is no way of finding out how many actually entered the competition. I have a gut feeling it is not too popular as the account has to be maintained at Robbins and their commissions are excessive.