Trading Commodity Futures with Forex EAs?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Karissa, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. Karissa


    So I had an idea...

    As most of us know, Forex EAs are 99% junk and do not work in the long term because they simply don't survive in major market moves, etc. (I personally don't even believe in the FX marketing being a market that can be achieved by retail traders).

    But, what if you used algorithmic FX EA's on Commodity Futures?
    Obviously, you'd have to have them re-coded to MT5 or NinajTrader, but do you think it would be possible to achieve a much higher success rate perhaps?

    My point - is that I find it very interesting how many auto trading FX systems there are, but how FEW there are in Commodity Markets. I feel this is likely because the FX market has so few barriers to entry and there are so many small traders trying to make a killing.

    I'd love to get into HNW trading in Commodity markets! :)

  2. Good idea, but there are lots of scope in Forex Market.
  3. the only reason why someone would not keep his forex EA secret & instead sell it, is bcos it is junk. there ARE definitely smarter traders who can program patterns they recognise into low frequency algos (aka EAs for retail forex). same thing for 100% of paid courses with pics of fast cars, bikini babes & stacks of moolah

    if you use the same junk EAs on ANY instrument, the result is the same.. junk. most are junk bcos they cannot account for context. knowing how to read market structure takes time & effort. why the hell would anyone use an EA without even knowing its logic. it's like swimming in the ocean bleeding, expecting not to be bitten by sharks

    if you don't even know when a particular commodity's important calendar dates are, you are a retail sheep trading blind
  4. tibeurus


    send me one of the EA algos so I can Trade the oppsosite direction it calls, they are actually the best , just do the opposite of the EA and make Lots of Pips, can you give me the worst ones so I can download them, ninjatrader or metatrader, thanks
  5. tibeurus


    if you are very confident that the EA is the worst or never works, backtest it, and take the reverse trade it calls, make an EA that takes the wrong side of the trade, reverse psychology. instead of buy you sell, automate that!
  6. Karissa


    It's not quite that simple - it's almost unheard of to see ANY FX EA that is profitable for more then 1-2 years then blows up.

    And most that are, are based on Martingale/cost-averaging systems.
  7. @Karissa I made an EA that makes $$$!!

    ***20sma cuts above 50sma = buy
    ***only profitable on gbpjpy during the period of 2010-2012 & cattle futures 2007-2008 on backtested data
    ***it's called super trend EA 3.5. don't tell anyone it's just a simple ma crossover system

    you're getting it aren't you..