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  1. Can anyone give me more insight into the day/week of a trading clerk? I am interviewing at prop firm in Chicago that trades equity index options and would like to get some more information beyond what I know.

    Hours? Do clerks get bonuses? What type of benefits are offered with some of these prop firms?

    Questions I should ask specific to the prop firm/position from any of you more experienced interviewees or people who have worked at a prop firm? Their website is pretty vague, so I don't know if any guys/gals that have been through prop interviews have any questions related to prop questions that would show some thought.

    I know clerks reconcile trading positions, enter trade details, and execute orders, that's about all I know, it's not a very chronicled position on the forums.

    Thanks for the help.
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  7. I suggest being very humble, and keep asking if there is anything else I can do to help. Ask a lot of questions (not when busy trading, but during slow times).... listen attentively whenever you are having something explained to absolutely sure you understand any task given to you.....DO Not make mistakes, but if you do, notify someone immediately.

    I know "clerks" who make a good 5 or 6 figure income after they get truly entrenched into a good firm. Don't try to move "up the ladder" too quickly...everyone wants to be a trader...and, most of the time, they need good assistants etc.

    Good luck!!!

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    Given Don's background I suggest you take his advice. read up on him if you are not familiar
  9. Thanks Don. I'd appreciate anyone else's input..especially about interviewing with prop firms. Any questions specific I should ask aside from the usual interview questions?
  10. Just remember that there are thousands of recently unemployed brokers and others from within "that side" of the industry looking for jobs. Just be confident and cordial.

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