Trading Classic Chart Patterns - Thomas Bulkowski

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    As for the $1 ISLD ticket charge - I assumed it was a buck in addition to whatever the normal ticket charge was - ie. $9.95 + $1.00 if you send an order at Island. I've seen that several times before, but I definitely have never before seen a broker who charges a buck for ISLD - can you tell me if they support 3 decimals, and hidden orders?

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  4. I have the book but feel the information is skewed because his studies cover about a 5 year period in a bull market and I dont see how these figures would apply to other scenerios. Just my opinion.
  5. Yup, not to mention the fact that 99% of the patterns in that book can be accounted for by support and resistance.

    I've got a copy, if anyone wants to buy it...:)
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    No. Edwards and Magee always was the classical reference .....
  7. Anyone know the usefulness of his analysis in shorter term timeframes, especially daytrading? What about the conditions of a low-volatility bear market? As far as I know his analysis was done on stocks on multi-day/weekly time frame during the bull market. I'm really wondering if it works just as well in the above mentioned circumstances.
  8. I didn't find it useful at all for any time frame of trading. The only upside is that it has a lot of interesting charts - and hey, I love those charts - the downside is that the patterns often have very little to do with the author's analysis, and the majority are not significant enough to be profitable. At all. You're better off using the plain vanilla indicators. Much better off.

    I guess the book was written for the metastock guru who wants to program all of them into metastock and would have fun doing so.
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  10. Does anyone believe his stuff?
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