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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Marcell, Oct 3, 2007.

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    I was wondering if you guys team up every day to trade together, be it in a chat room or via instant messenger. I have been trading in a group of 3 and from experience I can say it is much more educating and social than trading alone (though I know some may prefer that). On the internet I could merely find chat rooms requiring a paid membership which I'm not into.

    Personally I'm trading breakouts of daily movers (NYSE & Nasdaq) and would be happy to join a chat. Or we can hereby establish a new group. Let me know!
  2. Maybe you would like it's generally pretty friendly and there are some profitable traders of a few styles there.
  3. I like to trade alone I find the smoke bothers others and they all try to gather around and look at my screen!
    ~ stoney
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    I wish ET had a chatroom or two.... :) (for idiots' sake)
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  7. gm Marcell,

    Personally I could not think of anything worse and more distracting than chatting to others while I trade.
    I have a methodology and I follow it, which leaves nothing to discuss.
    But that is just me.... each to their own