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Discussion in 'Trading' started by alexvegas, Dec 17, 2000.

  1. alexvegas


    To Experienced Traders:

    Just wondering what, if any, chat rooms, paid or free, some of you are monitoring. I am a member of two rooms, but do not like their style very much. Looking for a professional room with great moderators and a friendly atmosphere.

    Although I have been actively trading over 3 years now, I always like to have at least one chat room on my screen for discussing stock plays. Lets face it sometimes other experienced traders see things you don't.

    Please Advise.
  2. Karin


    Desert Shield,
    Try - it's free.
    They have a chat w/ audio during the day- the one guy is pretty much on the mark. If you can catch it early in the a.m., they have a "radio show" that's interesting...
    Good Luck.
  3. go to
    it is 250 a month, but no bs at all... just trading, no hypsters, no penny stox, nothing like that... just mainly mo mo trading and breakout trading. I post all my trades there every day in realtime. and so do a few other of people who are quality traders. There are 3 guys there who trade the futures as well. very good guys. If they are all leaning one way at the same time, you can be sure that we are going that way. when they all agree on something, that's what happens. THe room has about 25 people, and about half are pretty damn on the mark all the time. I don't want to hype this room too much though cause they've been wrong a bit at times too. It isn't a pure moneymaking machine or anything.
    Another great place is but it is full of all the bs i hate like hypsters, and people who have been averaging into cmgi, icge and isld since early this year and call the bottom every hour. but it is a decent room for afterhours trading.
    I also think that's warroom is excellent... Even though it isn't a chat, they give you about 10 setups an hour in realtime to trade. I probably make 3-5k a month off setups of theirs that I choose to take, and I use their scans regularly both intraday and for breakout charting. I really can't speak highly enough of those guys. And for 300 a year, it really can't be beat.
  4. Hi Alex

    I 've set up a message board on MSN because I hated most of the chatrooms I've seen.There is a chat room there also. Most traders don't talk about what is important to making money. They just want to have my best picks and know what they are. I sometimes though only trade one stock all day long.

    The key to trading is follow the golden rule of Let your Profits run while cutting your losses short. This has to do with exits and nothing on entry. Position sizing, stops, money management, high probability entries all come into play when trading.
    Lately I've been finding top notch talent and doing online interviews with them to see how the top traders think. I've posted a few of the interviews online for others to see, and my assistant manager is editing a few I emailed to him currently.

    Feel free to post there or email me for questions

    Robert Tharp
  5. mjt



    Are you still hanging out at Tman's chatroom? I emailed him, and he said he was having an open week (this week I think). I assume he means like a free trial. Do you know anything about this? I'm emailing him back to find out, but it took a few days to get a response last time, so I thought I'd see if you knew anything about it just in case he doesn't get back to me in time.
  6. i don't know anything about it.. but i'll ask him tomorrow
  7. mjt


    Actually he emailed me back today. I guess the room is open all week. Probably see you there Tuesday.
  8. Trapper


    How do you access the room?

  9. mjt


    Do you have mirc?

    If so, connect to an othernet server. Type #targetman and click 'join'