trading chat rooms?

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  1. just wondering if anyone knows of any trading related chat rooms that are useful? im not looking for advice or recommendations, just something to do during downtimes throughout the day. i've heard and read about quite a few, but i'm sure that someone out there has tried some of them out, and i would appreciate any insight regarding your experiences with them.

  2. For plenty of political commentary, spirited debate, news, trivia, trading discussion, and plenty of live entertainment This Chatroom has it all.

    - Spydertrader
  3. check out MIRC othernet #daytraders
    it's moderated by mbtrading in a professional manner
    I used to use it a lot in the 1999 to 2001 period
    I think a lot of posters on here are on there too.
    don't go there a lot anymore lately because i don't want to read too many opinions


  4. Truff

    Truff This guy does alot of stuff and he will certainly fill up your down time.
  5. Just log on to the IRC Othernet or Financialchat servers and you can find a few out of dozens and dozens that fits your trading style.

    When you log on...I think the command line is /list to view most of the available chat rooms and signal calling rooms if some are interested in such.

    However, some of the better rooms are public/private (free) but don't show up on that list because the moderators do not want to list their rooms for whatever reasons (usually to make it more difficult for trouble makers to find).

    In addition, usually what makes a good chat room (not talking about signal calling rooms by a head trader) is that there's a few good traders in the chat room that makes it worthwhile going to the room to have a conversation with them during dead times of the trading day...

    Regardless if the rest of the room is useless.

    One of my favorites is the #IndexFutures room on the FinancialChat server of IRC.

    Overall its noisy but I personally know two good traders in that room that I have an occassional private chat with during the trading day that once in a while produces a useful trading tip or insight about the market.

    Lately, I've been hanging out in the #pitstock room on the Othernet server because there's one particular futures trader in that room I chat with.

    Regardless, I tend to visit rooms that are well moderated in that trouble makers are regularly kicked and banned from the room.

    One of the moderators in #pitstock gave me a useful script code to prevent spammers from sending me private messages...very useful.

  6. fluffer day on fridays as well, innit.